About us

Our story

The Facebook page “Motorcycle Tours Sweden” was started by Jonny Adolfsson to offer motorcyclists from Europe to come to Sweden to come to get the opportunity to ride a motorcycle in the beautiful Swedish countryside Småland. Alone or together with a guide with local knowledge. Jonny has been riding a motorcycle since the 90’s and has driven to most of the most interesting places in our “Småland”, (A region in Sweden) and large parts of the rest of Sweden and Europe.
It was after a conversation with new motorcycle friends during one of our many european trips that we realized that we Swedes also have many undiscovered wonderful motorcycle routes and destinations to offer our motorcycle friends around the world. Sweden is very beautiful with many lakes, open fields, large forest, nice wooden houses and wooden buildings. You need to see it!
That is why we stated the Facebook page: “Motorcycle Tours Sweden” and “Motorcycle Rental Sweden” and also the company Turistservice.
We know it can be quite a long way to drive your own motorcycle to Sweden. Therefore, we suggest you fly here, in combination with a train journey directly to our base in Nässjö, where you can access our services. Such as Motorcycle Rental, Guided Tours, and various types of accommodation. We want you to be able to enjoy our beautiful landscape, enjoy our culture and at the same time experience it on a motorcycle. You are also welcome to ride your own motorcycles and share our experience through guided tours. We want you to have a wonderful experience of Sweden.

Jonny, Karina and all our friends